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IPTV Streaming Products - Encoded Media

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For Business:

Enterprise Video - click for pdf Enterprise Video makes it easy for anyone to create, edit and share videos securely within their organisation. Viewers can watch on all types of devices, both live and on demand. Our Enterprise Video Platform is customisable to work seamlessly with your existing network and internal communications channels.

Video Library - click for pdf Video Library automatically saves all your created content and provides an easy-to-navigate, searchable archive, so your valuable IP is always at your fingertips. You can easily edit content, enhance accessibility with subtitles, create tags, attach handouts, insert chapters and much more.

Digital TV Server - click for pdfDigital TV Server brings broadcast-quality digital TV to the desktop and to TV screens throughout your premises. Using your IP network, up to 75 satellite and digital terrestrial channels are distributed at the best possible quality and at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.

For Education:

Video Publisher - click for pdf Video Publisher offers fast and effortless Lecture Capture. Many schools and universities now routinely record lessons to allow students to review them again, or to catch up if they couldn’t attend. In flipped classroom scenarios, students watch a pre-recorded lecture so that they can focus on discussion and collaboration during face-to-face time with teachers. Lecture videos can also prove invaluable for teacher mentoring or self-critiquing purposes. .

Digital TV Server Education - click for pdfDigital TV Server Education is an innovative new way of making TV and recorded video content available throughout your school. It provides easy and instant access to any TV channel anywhere in the school by sending the signal across the existing computer network.

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