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IPTV Streaming Products - Encoded Media

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For Business:

Presentation Suite - click for pdfPresentation Suite makes recording and broadcasting to any size audience as easy as sending email. The interface is easy for a novice to operate, yet powerful enough to help the most experienced user.

Included components: Video Publisher, Video Library

Digital TV Server - click for pdfDigital TV Server brings broadcast-quality digital TV to the desktop and to TV screens throughout your premises. Using your IP network, up to 75 satellite and digital terrestrial channels are distributed at the best possible quality and at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.

For Education:

SchoolVision Recorder - click for pdfSchoolVision Recorder records lessons and student presentations to enhance the whole learning experience. There are dozens of uses, from building a revision bank to creating pupil projects, limited only by the ideas that come from the minds of the brightest people on the planet.

Digital TV Server Education - click for pdfDigital TV Server Education is an innovative new way of making TV and recorded video content available throughout your school. It provides easy and instant access to any TV channel anywhere in the school by sending the signal across the existing computer network.

 Lecture Capture - click for pdfLecture Capture automatically records your lecture or seminar for live streaming, storing a copy for later review by students on or off campus. The system easily expands to meet the needs of your faculty, college or university.

Included components: Video Publisher, Video Library

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