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Netvue is an Exterity Streamforce Platinum Partner and an Exterity Approved Systems Integrator

We can supply, install and support all Exterity products.

IPTV Streaming Products - Exterity Receivers & Players

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AvediaPlayer IPTV Receivers

AvediaPlayer Receivers - click for pdfAvediaPlayer IPTV receivers make TV and video channels available to analogue and digital TVs and AV display devices from IPTV streams on a standard IT network. The IPTV receivers decode SD and HD streams and have end-user control using an infra-red remote control handset. They can be powered direct from the IT network using POE, or from the mains. There are 3 models in the range:

The AvediaPlayer r9300 - Features a single Ethernet port and an HDMI output, in a compact form factor with the lowest power consumption of all Exterity’s receivers.

The AvediaPlayer r9310 - Additionally offers HD and SD Component via phono connectors, and SD composite and analogue audio via phono connectors.

The AvediaPlayer r9220 - Same features as r9300 with the addition of 3 ethernet ports on an internal 4-port ethernet switch for delivery of additional network services to other equipment, such as laptops and VOIP phones.

Computer Desktop Players

Artio Portal  - click for pdf Artio Portal - Web browser viewing for PC and Mac

Artio Portal is a software client for the AvediaServer platform. It enables multiplatform delivery of TV and video to any networked PC or Mac without any need for special IPTV player software on the computers; any necessary codecs are automatically downloaded from AvediaServer, so that all the user sees is the IPTV channel. And it supports pause of live TV too! Floating licensing is available to make this a very cost-effective option for large organisations, with scalability, ease of management and user convenience.

AvediaPlayer Plugin Viewer - PC application for IPTV viewing

The new AvediaPlayer Plugin Viewer enables delivery of live HD TV and video streams via PC desktop applications including Windows Media Player and Microsoft Office, allowing organisations to incorporate video and live TV into applications such as PowerPoint and Outlook across their entire network.

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