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Netvue is an Exterity Streamforce Platinum Partner and an Exterity Approved Systems Integrator

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Exterity Video on Demand Server Modules

AvediaServer - click for pdf The Exterity AvediaServer is a multi-service platform offering several modular functional applications. Click on a module title below for a pdf document.

• AvediaServer Director is a secure multi-user management system providing administrators with the ability to monitor, control and configure an Exterity IPTV system from any network computer via a browser interface.

• AvediaServer Producer offers the features of Director, and also creates a unified EPG programme guide for live IPTV channels from AvediaStream TVgateways. Additionally it presents a customisable, highly interactive web interface for user access to live IPTV streaming content.

• AvediaServer Creator has all the features of Producer and adds scheduled recordings of specific programmes selected by users as well as continuous loop record of IPTV channels. It's RAID storage array delivers Video on Demand items and scheduled IPTV video channels consisting of playlists of media content on the server.

• Artio Portal enables licensed user viewing of any IPTV channels and VOD content via a web browser interface on PCs and Macs, without the need to install or manage a software client. It is included in both the Producer and Director software modules.

Exterity Video on Demand Server Chassis & Storage

AvediaServer can be configured with a combination of the above software modules and a choice of disk capacities, AvediaServer - click for pdfup to 14 terabytes of RAID 5 storage array per appliance.

Current disk pack options are 4TB increments from:
• 4 TB (approx 1200 hours of MPEG2 SD compressed video storage) to
• 28 TB (approx 4600 hours of H.264 HD).

Available disk pack capacities will doubtless increase over time.

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