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Netvue is an Exterity Streamforce Platinum Partner and an Exterity Approved Systems Integrator

We can supply, install and support all Exterity products.

IPTV Streaming Products - Exterity

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IPTV Streaming Encoders & TV Gateways

AvediaStream Chassis - click for Streaming Encoders & Gateways page Exterity's AvediaStream Encoder modules each create a single IPTV channel on your building or campus IP network from the output of any video devices or even a PC. AvediaStream Encoder modules are available for both SD and HD MPEG2 and H.264 encoding.

AvediaStream TV Gateway modules capture live TV and radio from a terrestrial TV aerial, a satellite dish, or cable TV connection. The TV Gateway takes an entire multiplex of SD and HD broadcast channels and streams them simultaneously, as individual IPTV channels on your building or campus IT network.

IPTV Receivers & Desktop Players

IPTV Receivers - click for Receivers and Players page AvediaPlayer IPTV receivers make TV and video channels available to analogue and digital TVs and AV display devices from IPTV Channels on a standard IT network (LAN). The IPTV receivers decode SD and HD streams and have end-user control via an infra-red remote control handset. They can be powered direct from the IT network using POE, or from the mains.

Artio Portal allows web browser viewing of IPTV channel streams on PC and Mac computer desktops.

Video on Demand Servers

Video on Demand Servers  - click for VOD page The Exterity AvediaServer can be configured with different software modules and disk capacities to provide everything you need for a robust Video on Demand server. Click here to find out more.

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