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LogServer ASI / IPTV on Mediaproxy website

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Mediaproxy website

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Mediaproxy ASI / IPTV Logging system for broadcasters

Specialist IPTV solution for logging and IPTV distribution within Broadcast Centres

Based on Mediaproxy's globally successful solution for professional broadcast monitoring and logging, LogServer for ASI/IPTV offers simultaneous recording and IPTV streaming for tens to hundreds of ASI based DVB TV channels.

Multi-channel broadcasters typically use ASI MPEG Transport Streams within the broadcast playout centre to multiplex, route and distribute groups of programme streams. Mediaproxy's ASI/IPTV logging system allows you to ingest the entire multiplexed transport formats, then selectively extract and record/monitor the nominated programme streams with their associated data and audio tracks. Mediaproxy LogServer takes the stream sources directly from an ASI source or off the IP network, then decodes, logs and re-purposes without intermediate processing.

Mediaproxy LogPlayer ASI and IP-based logging allows access to all metadata present in the entire transport stream, and hence a much richer logging and monitoring experience compared to the significantly smaller amount of metadata available in SDI and analogue-based solutions.

IPTV presents a tremendous opportunity, eliminating much of the local TV distribution infrastructure requirement and providing IP routable distribution of programme streams. Mediaproxy's logging solution transcodes the programme media to manageable stream and file sizes, suitable for in-house review and desktop distribution without saturating the IT network.

In addition to encoding standard WMV9 clips, Mediaproxy LogServer can optionally record either the full MPEG transport stream or streams within it, using a Blu-Ray compatible format.

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