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What is IPTV?

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Multicast and Standards


Streaming is the continuous delivery of television, video or audio media across a data network.

That network could be the Internet, a telecomms network, or a private business IT network.

Streaming on business IT networks is possible at much higher quality and greater efficiency than Internet streaming.


IPTV uses multicast to reduce network bandwidth. Multicast protocols ensure that channels are only streamed to users that are actually viewing them.

Multicast is the technology that makes IPTV network friendly.

IPTV Technology

IPTV combines TV compression technology and IT data technology to stream TV and video as a continuous flow of data packets on an IT network.

Digital TV channels direct from a terrestrial aerial and satellite dish are given IP "wrappers" for transport across the
IT data network as IPTV packet streams. They remain in digital format throughout the process.

Other sources such as DVD and SKY satellite receivers are MPEG encoded, and they too get IP "wrapped" for
output as IPTV streams on the IT network.

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The IPTV channel streams are distributed ONLY to the destinations that request a channel, by using multicast protocols.

IPTV Receivers or Digital Signage players convert the IPTV streams back to video and audio for display on TV screens or via projectors.

IPTV Player software shows IPTV channels on computer desktops and can offer PVR functionality.

A Video On Demand (VOD) server can be added for recording, storage, and on-demand playback of IPTV channels and programmes.

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