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Netvue IPTV Multiviewer

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Specialist IPTV Products

IPTV Multiviewer

Netvue IPTV Multiviewer IPTV solution for viewing multiple simultaneous IPTV channel streams

Display up to 9 simultaneous channels of H.264 and MPEG-2 encoded video on a single screen. Users can remotely select from multiple ‘pages’ of different channels, and can also choose to show any single channel fullscreen with audio....   more >

Hi-Res IPTV Point-to-Point Links

Extron VN-Matrix CodecsExtron high resolution, low latency IP video codecs for professional applications

These remarkable units provide real-time streaming of high resolution video from one location to another. They can do this without any visible delay or quality loss, yet at the same time achieve remarkable reductions in bit-rate...   more >

Wireless IPTV

Exterity WiFi IPTV receiver - click for pdf Wireless Products for IPTV and Digital Signage

Finding reliable wireless video streaming products is tricky; we have evaluated several potential products and found them lacking. However, we are delighted to have found a few products that do make the grade and we include them in our portfolio of product solutions...   more >

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