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VOD Servers

Netvue can supply VOD servers from a number of manufacturers including Exterity, Encoded Media, Intellimedia and others.

Click for an Exterity Avedia Server datasheet

Exterity's Avedia Servers are built into a 19-inch rackmount chassis of just 2U height, yet they can be fitted with disk packs up to 14TB - providing over 7000 hours of SD storage.

Contact us with your VOD server requirements for information and pricing.

Using Video on Demand

A Video on Demand server offers additional possibilities, beyond enhanced user control:

Media Clip Libraries

Scheduled Recording

Scheduled Playback

Business TV channels

Time Shifting

Rolling Recording

Media Clip Libraries on VOD servers now offer a cost-effective way to store large numbers of video files, as the cost of server storage is now cheaper than the equivalent storage on video tape. VOD storage offers all the convenience of fast retrieval and random access to items in the media library.

Scheduled Recording allows automatic unattending recording of programmes in accordance with a schedule. The channels to be recorded and the timings are set-up in advance by a VOD user.

Scheduled Playback can be used to play individual items at a particular time, or play a list of files from the VOD server as an IPTV channel, as described next.

Business TV channels or showreel channels can be created with a VOD server by setting up playlists of content on the server. The VOD server outputs a multicast IPTV channel that appears in channel listings in just the same way as a normal IPTV channel from a live broadcast source.

Time Shifting uses a VOD server to time delay individual programmes or complete channels. Programmes can be recorded for later use, while complete IPTV channels can be delayed by several hours to accomdodate use in different time zones.

Rolling Record allows continuous looped recording of one or more channels for a period of time, say the last 48 hours. This is useful to capture unscheduled events, such as news stories. Compliance Recording is a particular form of this, where a continuous record is saved and archived for legal and compliance purposes.

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