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Netvue IPTV: Streaming TV, Video on Demand, and Digital Signage for your business

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Video on Demand

VOD Benefits

Media content storage with on demand playback

Time-shifting of live TV

Create playout channels from stored media files

Scheduled record and Rolling record

Video file imports and exports

Video on Demand to the computer desktop

VOD Servers

Netvue can supply VOD servers from a number of manufacturers, including Exterity.

Exterity Avedia Server front

Exterity's Avedia Servers are built into a 19-inch rackmount chassis of just 2U height, yet they can be fitted with disk packs up to 14TB - providing over 7000 hours of SD storage.


Video on Demand

Video on Demand (VOD) provides a versatile way of delivering stored content, such as video files or recorded TV programmes, to multiple users

When you need to give users full control of the media they are viewing Video on Demand is the answer.

Features include:

Video On Demand

Video on Demand users can select individual programme files and start, stop, pause and rewind them at will

Programmes are streamed individually to each viewer as their own direct IPTV channel, giving them full control

Media content is conveniently stored on a VOD server - no more searching for that lost DVD!

VOD servers offer more than just user controlled viewing. They can simultaneously playout TV channels, such as corporate TV or showreel channels, while also providing multiple video streams to individual users, for personalised control of their viewing.

Video On Demand

Video on Demand Applications

A Video on Demand server offers additional possibilities, beyond enhanced user control

Media Clip Libraries

Scheduled Recording

Scheduled Playback

Business TV channels

Rolling Record

Time Shifting

Some typical applications for Video On Demand include:

Training video libraries, such as Health & Safety, Induction Courses, and Product Training

Playout of corporate TV channels for internal use

Video on Demand to the computer desktop

Education courses with students learning at their own speed

Playout of showreel channels for advertising and branding

Rolling record of live TV channels, and legal compliance recording

Premium content such as movies and Pay-Per-View for hotel guest rooms.


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