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Netvue IPTV: Streaming TV, Video on Demand, and Digital Signage for your business

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IPTV Products

Netvue is an independent systems integrator, so we can supply products from any manufacturer or supplier.

Netvue can source all the products and installation materials needed for your IPTV project. We carry out all the system installation work; from rooftop aerials and satellite dishes right through to the IPTV software for PC's and Macs.

We have the expertise to help you choose the right solution for your business.

IPTV Manufacturers

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As an independent system integrator Netvue can also supply equipment and software from other manufacturers, so feel free to contact us about any manufacturer's products.


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IPTV Streaming & Video on Demand Products

IPTV streaming products
IPTV On Screen IPTV On Screen
Netvue has been supplying IPTV streaming products since 2005 and one manufacturer remained at the forefront of IPTV product development during that time - Exterity. We started supplying Exterity products in 2005 because they had already established a good reputation and we found that they had an excellent roadmap for future product development. As an example, in 2018 Exterity introduced 4K video encoders and decoders for IPTV, while other manufacturers were only just releasing HD IPTV products.

In 2021 Exterity were acquired by global IP video streaming company Vitec, and Exterity's products became part of Vitec's portfolio. For the latest Vitec products click here to visit their website.

Netvue is pleased to hold platinum partner status with Vitec and this reflects our great relationship with Exterity, which in turn means we can offer excellent support to our clients with Exterity products.

Of course, as an independent system integrator Netvue can also supply other manufacturers' products so feel free to contact us regardless of whether or not you have a preferred IPTV manufacturer.

Video on Demand Products

While there are a lot of manufacturers of Video on Demand software, many of these products are aimed at the consumer VOD market. Netvue supplies Exterity's AvediaServer Video on Demand hardware and software products because these have been developed to integrate with IPTV systems in commercial network environments. For more information click on the Exterity link in the left menu and click on AvediaServer.

Wireless IPTV Products

Exterity WiFi IPTV receiver Many businesses use WiFi networks, so there has always been interest in Wifi IPTV products. The trouble is that WiFi has inherent issues that make streaming reliable good quality moving video difficult. As technology has improved over the last decade manufacturers have slowly overcome the problems and we can now supply wireless IPTV products from Exterity and other manufacturers. Contact us for further information.

Specialist IPTV Products

IPTV multiviewers for displaying multiple simultaneous IPTV channel streams

Netvue IPTV Multiviewer Netvue has developed a standalone IPTV Multiviewer that can display up to 9 simultaneous channels of H.264 and MPEG-2 encoded video on a single screen. Users can remotely select from multiple ‘pages’ of 9 different channels, and can also choose to show any single channel fullscreen with audio...  Click here for a datasheet

Extron VN-Matrix Codecs Extron high resolution, low latency IP video codecs for professional applications

These remarkable units provide real-time streaming of high resolution video from one location to another. They can do this without any visible delay or quality loss, yet at the same time achieve remarkable reductions in bit-rate...  Click here for a datasheet

Imagen Media Asset Management

Imagen Media Asset Management Imagen Media Asset Management powers many high profile media management systems, including Reuters, The Press Association and the Premier League. Their aset management system can be integrated with IPTV to provide streaming of assets from a huge media archive...  Click here to visit the Imagen website and find out more

Other Manufacturers' IPTV Products

As an independent system integrator Netvue can also supply other manufacturers' products so feel free to Contact us for information on IPTV products by other manufacturers.


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